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Healthcare Baja

Healthcare Baja is a medical guide oriented to provide information to the American tourism that looks for the best options in health and wellbeing in Baja Mexico.

Why come to Baja?

Certified doctors of different specialties, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are in the best disposition to attend you at a reasonable price.
Real Economic Benefits.

Save up to 75% on more than 500 dentists, doctors, plastic surgeons, clinics and more in your own language.
Millions cross the border to Mexico and especially to Baja each year in search of the best medical tourism procedures and treatments. This is no surprise given the fact that Americans are increasingly more willing to travel abroad for medical attention.

According to the Baja California Secretary of Tourism, about 250,000 people per month visit Baja looking for health products and medical services, most of them Californians.

Baja caters to medical travelers from around the globe, especially from the United States and Canada, providing equal or even higher quality treatments to patients than what they would find at home, and at a significantly lower cost. In Baja, top medical tourism procedures include dental, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, and orthopedics. However, medical tourism in Baja attracts patients for fertility treatments, oncology procedures, and wellness services, among others as well.

Baja ranks high in quality and low in cost for medical tourism in comparison to other countries. Furthermore, savings for international patients in Baja increase by 70 percent, varying by treatment and site. Located just south of the U.S. border, Baja represents the most logical step for Americans and Canadians toward better health. The convenient location enables even more people to fly or drive to Baja.